Kraken now ignores 'offset' parameter for get-user-follows

I’ve never had an issue until a few days ago (or at least I noticed it then) - And I’m not the only one.
kraken/users/{ID}/follows/channels accepts limit, offest, direction and sortby.
It’s always worked great, but recently it’s ignoring offset.

My site: The South African Twitch Streamer Directory shows each channel repeated 5 times.
Why? The @ZaCollective [273125921] account follows 520+ accounts. It lists the first 100, sets the offset to 100,200, etc, but it’s ignored so it just repeats 5 times.
I was going to make 6 accounts so I can just get my site working again… But after finding a site that lists what channels I’m following, I came across: which has the exact same issue. Each channel is shown 5 times, as the offset parameter is ignored.

Image of test script:

Duplicate of

Reported on Github:

Current work around

however in the meantime the other sorts beyond created_at (the default) will work with the offset normally.

Can confirm adding &sortby=last_broadcast fixes the offset.
Hopefully gets fixed sometime soon.

Thanks for the fast response :slight_smile:

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