Legacy Twitch API v5 Shutdown Details and Timeline

I can’t believe that something as important as offsets for clips hasn’t been implemented in the new Twitch API when it’s something that Twitch itself requires on every single clip page. (The “Watch Full Video” link needs this in order to start the VOD when the clip occurred.) Please vote for the Extend clips API to return the offset/start point UserVoice because this is critical information both for developers as well as Twitch.


This has been brought up before and offset was mentioned as not being added at this time. Hopefully this is reconsidered though as we progress towards the announcement timeline.

Will we be getting updated_at field in Get User(s) that exists in V5 API?

I would expect the updated_at field to be intentionally left out of Helix for privacy reasons and lack of legitimate use cases.

One concern or question I have is regarding the information regarding if an account is “verified” bot or not, which is an endpoint today in Kraken API.

Under /users/{userid}/chat?api_version=5&client_id=X

Which today returns “is_verified_bot” & “is_known_bot” and from what I have seen, there has been no such endpoint yet for Helix. Is this something that would be added before the end of life of kraken?

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While that endpoint is part of the Kraken namespace, it is an undocumented endpoint so as with all undocumented endpoints it can change/removed at any time.

Feature Requests for Helix should go on Uservoice Developers: Top (509 ideas) – Twitch UserVoice

That might come when the update to An update for the delayed bot verification request process is posted with a better way to see the status.

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