List of emotes?

Hi! I am just starting out with making a twitch bot (its working so far :D) and I was wondering if there is a way to get an array of all the emotes that twitch uses as its default emojis. Discord.js has a similar feature and I kinda want to integrate some of the features my discord bot has into my twitch bot

is probably what you are looking for

Wow thanks! But how do I make this into an array? As I said, I’m very new to all of this

Basically you already get a JSON array out of the request with the key “emoticons”. Now it depends on the programming language you use for your bot to deserialise the response to an object in your project, which then would contain an array. In Javascript/Typescript this would be pretty easy, as it will automatically be an array you can access, but in other languages you would have to take a look at the deserialisation/serialisation process.

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