List of users that make up the viewer_count number



new to twitch dev here. I wanted to confirm some stuff I have been reading regarding viewer list. It seems like there is no way to get the list of viewers that that makes up the “viewer_count” field in “helix/streams” endpoint? This data is for twitch only. has this changed recently at all or is this still true?

If above is not possible, I can technically get list of users who are in IRC for the channel but this will not necessarily reflect the correct number of viewers? I have been seeing huge discrepancies between the two counts.



Game developers also have a limited access to the list of viewers, but requires both the channel and viewers to opt-in, and that viewer data is only available to the game dev while that game is being played.

The chatters endpoint is undocumented, so can and will break/change without warning, and like you’ve mentioned it is significantly different from actual viewers so if it’s suitable for you depends entirely on your use case.