Listing channels with specific tags

I’ve tried searching for this but haven’t found any answers.

So I would really like to have a list of streams with a specific tag returned.

Is this possible? Or is it only possible retrieve lists by channelname and game?

The API for loading streams

Doesn’t support a tag related search.

So you’d have to get all streams/all streams for a game and then process the tag_id’s in the response.

Oof! I’m doing this myself and I’m finding I need to make A LOT of requests just to find a few-dozen streams. I’m actually hitting the limits of my cloud host, which is why I’m here looking for a solution to make fewer requests. :sob:

As an example, I want to find all the Game Development (tag) streams in the Art category. On the website I can make this request:

At the time of this writing, I’ll get 5 results. Cool.

But if I want to do this via the API, it takes DOZENS of requests, and each request must complete before I can make the next request thanks to pagination. This burns a lot of time for data that’s going to be mostly thrown away. :expressionless:

That’s just one category and tag. To do my project properly I have at least 3 tags to collect (Game Dev, Game Jam, Ludum Dare), and half a dozen categories to search to make sure we’ve found everything.

I mean this was much easier to manage back when we had dedicated Ludum Dare and Game Development categories. The problem is we were asked to use tags, but you can’t filter by tags. :confounded:

Please create a uservoice for this request (don’t necro a 2 year old post and cross post to multiple threads with the same problem)

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