Live stream notifications on discord bot

Hi I’m new to coding this is literally my first project. I’m making a Discord bot and so far it does what I want it to. I want it to announce when I go live on twitch. I have no idea what I need to do in order for it to know when I’m live and send a notification in the channel I want it to. Help :s?

Connect the inbound eventsub

To a Discord Webhook

Uhh… how i know pretty much nothing about this. If you don’t wanna explain could you tell me what to look up?

Not sure what you mean here.

You can either

  • use eventsub, Twitch will make a HTTP Post request to you when the stream goes live, you then consume the data from Twitch and convert it to a Discord Webhook and forward it on
  • use eventsub, and consme it in your bot and send a message to discord (not recommened a bot shouldn’t be directly web accessable)
  • use eventsub, and your server forwards the data to your bot to send to discord
  • poll the streams API every minute and see if the stream changed from offline to online and the bot can send a message to Discord

Streams API:

Both Eventsub and HelixAPI will require the use of an App Access Token aka Client Credentials:

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