Making videos API request from Korea

I tried making /helix/videos?user_id=[my_user_id] and it returns an empty response with 200 success status.

I know the situation between Twitch and Korea, but this 200 status with an empty response is very confusing and not informative.

Please make it return 4xx error or something?

as in not even {"data":[]}?

Whats the user ID?

Empty response is abnormal

Sorry didn’t provide more detail. Empty as in:

  data: [],
  pagination (or cursor or something): {}

I understand the situation but it’s that it works properly for other APIs, so I was thinking ‘maybe they still provide API response but the video or the video link won’t work?’ So when I made the request I got the response above, not an empty zero byte response, as you predicted.

This suggests that the requeted channel has no videos.

I was trying to figure out of you got zero bytes or an empty data array.

So if you got an empty data array, then the channel has no videos available

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