Migrating API from Kraken to Helix


In Kraken
I used to call this API
where the response was having following things
channel: {
name: ''something,
type: ‘something’,


what is the equivalent of this in helix api ?


Request parameters are &-repeated, not comma-separated as in Twitch API v5.

If you want to use the channels username you would do: https://api.twitch.tv/helix/streams?user_login=channel_1&user_login=channel_2

Or if you wanted to use channel id you’d use the user_id param instead.


yes now am able to get some results using

upon retrieval of results am able to get the game id not the game name and getting it i need to use
https://api.twitch.tv/helix/games?id='game_id' from streams

now another question is
how can i play video in my website using following code


it is always giving me console error on using this iframe


Embedding is covered here:

It’ll raise a number of console warnings/errors but usually nothing to do with what you have done.

The example you have pasted is the non interactive embed


I tried following the same documentation; but it is giving me same console error.
am not sure where am going wrong.

for example:- https://player.twitch.tv/?channel=esl_csgo


Are you saying the embed did not work?


yes, it is not working


this is my code


You need to populate everything that is <value> with a value and you left a > on the end of the URL/channel name

like so:



so this is what i see; in all channels

can you please provide me some working examples ?


Google Chrome screenshot:

This is a working example.

You have something interrupting your connection, or messing about with your headers. And is injecting an invalid ClientID


okay cool it is working on my end; i was in development environment and was using clientId in my browser.

my last question is

can we get the game name together with streams data in one call ?

at the moment in integration i can see that to fetch the game name we need to call helix/games?id=game_id; is it possible to get all results in one call ?



Helix streams returns the game_id and you then look that up in your cache or go fetch from Twitch games API.


okay thanks a lot…

is it possible to play video using game_id then ?


No. As which stream would it show?

The embed API accepts a channel name, a video ID or a clip

As documented


okay cool.

thanks a lot for your support.

i just wanted to avoid multiple calls in my website; but as of now it seems that it is not possible with embed API

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