Missing Helix Token

Hi there!

I recently got pass the point were I need to call Twitch API from my Twitch extension frontend. I searched through the documentation to find a way to avoid getting an authorization token (laziness wins :D) and noticed, that the “onAuthorized” callback function of the extension helper receives a helix token for exact that purpose.

I tried it out and it works very well. At least in (several) browsers. But when I tested it on my Android device, it didn’t work. The reason is, that my callback function doesn’t receive a helix token. It’s simply missing. The rest of the documented properties are all available.

Is there a reason, why the “onAuthorized” callback function doesn’t receive a helix token on Android devices? Or is this just a bug I ran into and it should be provided?

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The issue is known since mid 2021 and still no fix available. That’s truely sad…

Thanks for answering me and all your help!