Mobile Extension - external links

Hi there

Is there a way I can redirect users to the external website for the mobile extension? For the overlay, I am doing this which works great. But on mobile when the user clicks, it does nothing., '_blank')

Use a <a href="" target="_blank">link</a> instead

Thank you, it worked

Hi, @BarryCarlyon! I’m not really sure what @ebrarislami mentioned, but the solution with target="_blank" still opens the webview with the local for the Twitch app context. I.e. we don’t have any user’s cookies and other states in that internal browser. In this case user have to explicitly login into all his resources while working within the session started after the link click. That browser has a dot-button menu with the “Open in Browser” item which in turn will open the page in the default browser, but this is an additional and not really clear step for the user. Is there any chance to open the link in the default system’s browser, not inside the webview? I’ve read there are some workarounds for this but they should be provided inside the host mobile app.

Create a uservocie requesting this functionality.

You necroed a 2 month old unrelated post…

OP’s problem was that using Javascript to open the link didn’t work. Not that the link opened in “webview inside Twitch App”

shrug it is consistent with links in other apps on phones, such as Reddit and Twitter for example.

The extension behave is also consistent with how links in chat open up as well. So Extensions behaving different to chat, would cause further confusion, if Extensions behaved differently

And for all I know (off hand) it’s part of the “rules” for External links in Apps on phones in general!

Thank you, @BarryCarlyon. BTW, you have an issue with that webview: when the dark mode is disabled and the webview is opened, the webview’s closing “cross” button situated in the left top corner of the window still has the white color (on the white background) thus making the close button invisible.

I’m not staff. So I don’t have an issue :stuck_out_tongue:

So you need to report First Party issues to the uservoice for Mobile:

Sounds like a bug on Android itself. So that could be Android and not Twitch app itself.

Testing on iOS, iOS uses a “done” button top left in the “safari header” rather than an [x]. So Twitch App doesn’t have any control of the theming (on iOS at least)

Thanks, I’ll report this issue.