Moderation Action PubSub topic only works on own Channel?


And the silent followers API changes… Twitch has not been speaking up about changs much at all lately.


Everything is subject to change, and if it’s not something Twitch ever said would work one way or another then they’re really under no obligation to say anything. You made an assumption, and if you didn’t design your app to fail gracefully and it fell over on itself because a change happened, well hopefully it’ll be a learning experience.


interesting, what changed with that?


The issues with followers is likely a bug, and has been discussed in other topic, which you already posted in here Kraken: /streams/followed not ordered by viewers

@simoniz0r please do not change the general thread of a topic from OP’s original subject, as the whole thread has become derailed.

As has already been covered the undocumented moderator topics have now become documented and now have alternative requirements to what it used to have now that it’s documented and supported.

The changes/bugs to followers is not relevant to this thread, nor is Twitch’s choice in how it communicates.

Please take discussion of these to their original threads or start a new thread. Primarily to avoid notification spam to OP for replies not relevant to their initial thread.


The moderator actions PubSub topic may not have been officially supported, but given that Twitch Staff announced it on this forum and discussed it’s use with third-party developers, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to consider using it. It’s not like people found out about it by looking at the Twitch website with debugging tools, like it may be with some other APIs.

Yes, with a centralized tool that will work. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for everything.


I added a uservoice for this: