Modpack doesnt appears on twitch directory

So, a couple months ago I made a modpack to play with my friends and posted it on curseforge but when I try to search for him to send to another player, the modpack simply doesnt appears on the directory. I double checked if the modpack is public or not, but couldnt understand what is happening. Someone has any idea of whats going on?

You need help from Curseforge

The third party developers forum doesn’t offer support for Twitch App/Curseforge.

yeah, but the support of curseforge is also the twitch support since curseforge is from twitch now. And when I try to contact this support they say that they can’t help me and say that I need to come here on twitch dev.

This forum cannot help with mod packs on the Twitch App.

For help please contact CurseForge whom run the modpack side of things

Twitch sold curseforge to overwolf. Twitch doesn’t own them anymore anyway.

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