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I’m writing an IRC bot with Twitch support, and I’m having issues spotting some msg-ids in the wild. At one point a while back I saw a “purchase” event, and I didn’t have the presence of mind to record all the IRCv3 tags, just some.

case "purchase":
    // [usernotice] [#drdisrespectlive]: "Purchased Speed & Momentum Crate (Steam Version) in channel."
    //msg-param-asin = 'obfuscated'
    //msg-param-channelID = '17337557'
    //msg-param-crateCount = '0'
    //msg-param-imageURL = ''
    //msg-param-title = 'Speed\s&\sMomentum\sCrate\s(Steam\sVersion)'
    //msg-param-userID = '123456'

Are these still around? I’ve had the bot idle in some 35 channels for a good while now just waiting and seeing nothing.



Game Commerce/purchase is no more


Thanks, good to hear.

What about anonsubgift and anongiftpaidupgrade? I come across the non-anon ones every now and then, but so far not one sighting of those two.


Yup those exist


And as a final question while we’re on the topic, even if it strayed from the original one, the anon- msg-ids are identical to the non-anon ones except they have the channel owner’s msg-param-login/login, display-name etc?


No, it’s the person giving the gift whom is anonomous


That’s what I meant to say, I think I worded that poorly.

But it does set the sender-related tags to be the channel owner’s? Maybe I’m misunderstanding Anonymous Sub Gifting to Launch 11/15 - Launch Details.


For anything anonomous

The channel ID and Channel name are set as normal
The Recipienet is set as normal
The person giving the gift is anonomous


All right. Thanks.

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