My channel can't go live.

When my stream is live, my channel doesn’t appear live on my followers’ following list. And I checked with all my viewers, not just me, but they couldn’t search my channel. Even when my channel is live! And My viewers and I couldn’t browse my channel in game categories like Twitch. My viewers must enter their channel address directly into the browser to view my broadcast. Broadcast notifications work fine.

Things I tried.
I reset Twitch broadcast settings, Stream Key, browser cache, browser cookies, OBS settings, Mature settings, etc. However, this has not been resolved. I obviously haven’t turned on the Mature setting. And I did not turn on the broadcast in bitratetest mode.

I asked some Twitch Extension developer for help. He tried to get my Stream information when my channel was live (of course my channel didn’t appear live). But the request to my channel did not respond to anything as if it were offline. He said he couldn’t get the stream information from the Twitch API. I was definitely live, and I was able to communicate with viewers who came to help with the test.

I had this problem a month ago and I had this problem again today. There are other users who are experiencing this problem.

I hope this will be resolved soon.

The third party developers forum (and the Discord) cannot help with this issue.

For further help