My extension sometimes doesn't work on Dev Rig


My dev rig sometimes stops works, It just shows an empty panel (it doesn’t reach the React code). I don’t see any error but I understand that the files are not being served properly.

I already had this problem and I fixed it but I am not sure how I did it and I have it again :S

I think that it’s happening when I go from hosted test to local test (but I am not sure).

Someone has experienced something like this?


If you change the extension configuration in the developer dashboard, you need to till the Rig to reload the manifest. Which on the browser based version is on the last tab iirc. And on the beta native rig on the Project Details.

Or a rig restart should fix it


I have all updated and still not working

The extension is configured properly (It usually works with this)

I have restarted all; laptop, rig dev with yarn start and rig dev with the run file. I have even delete the old project and created a new one. Still I get a white panel.


Then you need to check the chrome inspector for errors.

It sounds like you may have packaged your files incorrectly, and you are getting a 404

You need to package the files in your folder, not the folder itself


In addition, make sure you are using relative URL’s to your assets/js/css


current status:


Chrome console messages are irrelevant here

Rig Terminal shows that server.js didn’t start.

As port 8000 is in use.

This might conflict with SLOBS if you are a SLOBS user, or Skype (though Skype is 80 and 8080 iirc usually)


I have found a workaround for my problem.

I need to open directly the URL in a browser and accept the “This connection is no private” warning. After that, the rig is working properly.


That would be the self signed cert not being accepted or installed into your OS

And is not related to the screenshot/error you posted above…


Yes, I know it. But I wasn’t receiving any error for the cert problem so I posted some errors that I had.
It looks like I need to accept it twice each time I restart the rig dev.