My first extension

Hi Twitch´s community.

I wanna developer a extensión to show quizzes to the community. Like “Quiz Kit

But i have lots of doubts

First: I downloaded the example code for “hello world”, I see the file “services / backend.js”…This file runs a local server on twitch? or should I have my entire backend off twitch?

Second: When I get the data from my backend how do I notify my front end to show said data to the viewer?

I hope you can help me


You are responsible for running your own Backend

Twitch will only host your static JS/HTML/CSS frontend

How ever you want.

Some people will fetch from the front end to the backend. And do that periodically

Other people will use Twitch PubSub to send from backend to front end

Others will use their own system, such as a websocket.

The possibilities are endless.

Essentially a Twitch Extension is just a website.
Where the front end is on a different server to the backend.
The only big rule is that you must use SSL on your backend to protect communications from your frontend to your backend.

Thanks for the help