My Twitch ChatBot Doesn't Work

Hello, I wrote a bot that responded to certain messages that have been running and keeping chat logs for weeks, it was working until yesterday, but now I get this warning when I want to run it. What is the problem? Screenshot:
Chat log file record dated today :

Note: Bot running on a Virtual server on Amazon Web Services(AWS)

The error says your login failed, so chances are your OAuth token has expired if you haven’t renewed it.

Additionally, as covered under the docs

When you get a token it has an expires_in which tells you in how long the key dies.

I imagine you probably got a oAuth from a token generator, and those keys will generllay have a expire of around 60 days and can’t be refreshed, so your best bet is to create your own oAuth flow, and then you can auto refresh, but those tokens generally last only four hours. But…

You’d normally take the refresh_token you got when making the token and auto refresh your token at bot boot. As the oAuth is only checked when the bot connects to chat.

Refreshing is covered here:

@BarryCarlyon @Dist Thank u for helpfully.I renewed the OAuth token expired token and the problem is resolved

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