Native Rig hello world extension not working


Hi! I’m using Windows 10 x86_64. Doing the usual setup of the hello world extension (Exactly as in and then hosting the front-end.

However, as I click the “Host with Rig” button. An empty window pops up. The extension views do not change.

The empty window

Getting notified of announcements only

Extension Views

I could post logs, but I’m not sure where the developer rig stores them.


Thanks for raising the issue, and sorry to see you’re having trouble. It would be great if you can run the Native Rig from the command line - this should give us a much better view of the underlying issue. Use this prompt: “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\developer-rig\Twitch Developer Rig.exe”. It should provide logs for us to help diagnose the problem.



Here are the logs:

On an unrelated note, running the backend shows an error where the ‘hapi’ module was not found. Installing it via npm fixed that issue. If I had to guess, maybe the rig has a missing dependency that isn’t packaged.


Do you have node installed? If so, what version? Is it in your PATH environment variable?


node is installed and can be run from the cmd just by typing node, so I assume it must be in the PATH variable. node version is 8.11.3 .