Newbie needing some help with API

Hello everyone,

To start off I am very new to API’s so forgive me if I come off completely silly.

I am making a node js application and want to understand better, how I can get streams appearing over on one of my pages so when someone presses play, they can actually watch them.

I managed to log in, get my app keys and Client ID, however the question that I have is the following:

1)Trying to use GET requests over with POSTMAN, is not working. How can I get this one sorted?
2)I most probably am going to use AXXIOS inside my NodeJS application to pull data in. On my ENV file i added the client ID. How can I connect and get feedback from a get request in the VS code terminal initially? Do i have to place my secret key as well?

3)I have a page where I will make all axxios requests appear and get rendered on a page /streams. As I am quite new, how would you approach on getting let’s say 30 streams that include the word speedrun and are LIVE so someone can press play on them and see them?

4)For reference, I am trying to achieve something like this :

I have tried checking NPM packages to help out, but found one so unsure if that will make things easier. Any feedback/help would be appreciated with potential code samples!

Whats the error you are getting?

Sounds like you are getting a user access token rather than an App Access Token, which might prove some fun if you are not intending to ask uses to login.

This is a nodeJS example for getting an App Access Token, and you can fetch a new App Access Token automatically without user intervention

Twitch doesn’t provide search API that will do what you want.

will return streams and you can fetch all the streams and look for ones using the Speed running tag

First you’d have to get the Tag ID for speed running from

I believe they use a “known list” of streamers so they are using Webhooks to see whom is live. (Or looking them up 100 at a time).

So they don’t have to search they just lookup known users of their website.

Hello BarryCarlyon!

I am getting Unauthorized error, with status 401, OATH token is missing.

I have tried going inside POSTMAN, then inside Authorization get a new Token :slight_smile:
On my Get new Access token page, I have the following :slight_smile:
Token Name : API Token
Grant Type Authorization Code
Callback url : Blank
Auth URL :
Access Token URL : same as above
Client ID : my client id
Client Secret: my secret
Scope: streams
State: empty
Client Authentication : Basic header

Whatever I do I still get errors…

The headers you should be sending are

    'Client-ID': 'YourID',
    'Authorization': 'Bearer YourTokenHere'

I don’t know what Postman does.

As I don’t use it for my testings.

This suggests that you (or postman) didn’t send a token at all

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