No game analytics? Two games?

Hi everone. I am very confused.

Recently, I’d changed the name of my game. I went through and changed it all on Giant bomb and everything and it worked well!

Except now I have two categories?

^ This is the old name, which is still around somehow.

The new name, as seen here, doesn’t have any of the stats or follows or anything!

When I changed the name, it seems like nothing was ported over or anything.
Is there a way that I can delete the old name and move the stats over to the new name or something?

Also, my dev console is showing a big goose egg for analytics, even with Sodapoppin (!) streaming my game.

Any ideas on what I can do here to fix this?

Wait scratch that, I have 3 categories!

@GM_Aesop- Hello again! This should be fixed now.

Thanks! Looks good, I only have one category!

One problem though, when I search, only this pops up:


And when you click the category, it says “Not found”.

Any chance I can get that fixed too?

Nevermind! I just checked it and it worked fine. Probably just had to wait for it to update.

Thanks for the help everyone!