Non-exisitng Game with ID 4926 received in some Streams


In some streams, we receive gameId: 4926

curl -X GET ‘’ {“data”:[{… ‘game_id’: ‘4926’ …}]}%

But it doesn’t seem to exist in the games API:

curl -X GET ‘’ {“data”:[]}%

We found it named Fútbol on GitHub games snapshot from Mar 6 2022:

{ “id”: “4926”, “name”: “Fútbol”, “box_art_url”: “{width}x{height}.jpg” }

It’s possible that the Fútbol category was migrated to Sports:

GET ‘útbol’ {“data”:[{“id”:“518203”,“name”:“Sports”,“box_art_url”:“{width}x{height}.jpg”,“igdb_id”:“”}]}%

Is our conclusion correct? Could that specific game be removed from these Streams?

This means that th euser hasn’t tried to update their game or title since the game was removed.

When a game is deleted/remove Twitch doesn’t force migrate channels set to that game.

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Thanks for the reply!