Outdoor camera wanted


here is a specific question.

I have been traveling with my family with horses and carriages for almost 4 years. We started at the Luxembourg border and are now on our way in Poland.
It goes further and further east.

Last Saturday we ran at primetime on VOX (family extreme- everything extraordinary).
Galileo documentation is coming soon.

We are getting more and more media attention and that’s why we want to stream.

I’m looking for a good camera for this.

It should meet the following requirements: - Battery operated

  • high resolution
  • Night vision function
  • of course very important with the technical option for streaming, ideally wireless (WLAN)
  • with a good antenna to be able to place the device a little further away

We would like to use the camera outdoors, e.g. to film the horses or the carriages from outside.

I would be very happy to receive advice from you.

Greetings and thank you very much!

Sarah from the extraordinary GrüneKutsche dropout family

Das hier sind die Drittentwickler-Foren - hier werdet ihr eher weniger infos zu solchen Themen bekommen, da wir eher auf der Software-Seite arbeiten.

Ich empfehle, mal im Twitch-Subreddit (r/Twitch) zu fragen oder anderswo auf youtube oder Ähnlichem zu suchen. Gibt bestimmt viele Reviews.

Generell sind GoPro’s die sehr häufig verwendeten Kameras für sowas, da sie sehr robust sind und dennoch hohe Qualität bieten. Ich selbst habe nie eine benutzt, daher weiss Ich nicht mehr darüber.

Hört sich aber spannend an; Viel Glück und Spaß euch noch!

(Folgend nochmal auf Englisch für alle anderen :wink: )

These are the Third Party Developer Forums - you are probably better off looking elsewhere for more info on this topic, like r/Twitch or reviews on YouTube.

In general, I’d point you towards GoPro, as they seem to be the go-to outdoor cameras, but i’ve never used them myself.

GLHF on your further adventures!

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