Panel and Mobile Extensions - Mobile type don't show

Hello everyone !

Last week my extension was published, I can see my extension, but I only see “Panel” in the type, not “Mobile”. However, I can see the extension on my android phone, so, it is because it’s not approved now for IOS mobile ?

I fill the form last Saturday :
Do i need to do an other things, like update the extension ? Or the IOS support will be update manually ?

Thanks for all, and have a nice day !

When the team reviews the form submission entries it’ll get accepted (or rejected) and magically updated by the review team.

iOS review is a seperate process to “regular” review

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Thanks Barry, so I just need to wait :pray:

Do you know how much day IOS review can take ? I ask because I completed the form last week, and the Extension review take less than 24 hours !

I juste hope I do it correctly :pray:

Hello everyone !
Since the last two weeks, I dont have any information about the IOS Mobile compatibility ?

Did we know the average time delay ? Thanks a lot :pray: