Permission to use Twitch Content inside my app

Hello, I have a quick question regarding the use of Twitch Content inside of my iOS mobile app.

I’ve read the Twitch Developer Agreement but I’m unable to parse the legal language to fully understand if I have or do not have permission to use Twitch Content inside my app.

For context, my mobile app embeds Twitch video clips, displays game cover art, and displays streamers’ profile thumbnail; all of which is fetched from the Twitch API.

Do I have permission to use the above in my app? If not, do I have to request a special permission or written approval from Twitch to use the above content?

Thank you.

Then the best advice is to consult a lawyer to interpret it for you.

Since what you’ll get here is opinion and interpretation.

So your best advice is to consult a lawyer as they’ll also be able to consider other factors, regional issues and your use case

Can I email a preview of my app (screenshots,video,etc) to you guys and get a simple confirmation, i.e., yes this is allowed or no this is not allowed? I’ll provide the other factors (use case, region) as well.

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