Problem: can't establish new organization (or, changing organization info)

I need to make edits to an organization we already have accepted on Twitch devs - we’re a studio that’s simply changing names slightly. Naturally, we want to keep our games, and all that stuff.

I haven’t seen any function for simply editing an organization’s name - so I’ve applied to create a new organization with the new name (and then planning to move the games to the new one). These have, so far, been rejected.

The documentation that’s supposed to show me the reasons for the rejection just links to the main twitch site, so I’m not entirely sure why the rejection has happened. I’ve included an explanation of the situation in the “reasons for applying” section of the application document - but I guess that might not be particularly visible to the employees accepting/rejecting stuff.

Not entirely sure where to turn to get some help with this. Discord hasn’t really worked out.

Anyways, thanks in advance!

Hi @strumbones, please email with the renaming request and we can try to resolve it over that email thread. Thanks.

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