Problem with PubSub and WebHooks

Hello, how are you?
I have 2 problems:

  1. I’m using pubsub with the follow topics without problems “channel-points-channel-v1” and “channel-subscribe-events-v1” but I have an error on auth when I try add topic “channel-bits-events-v1” or “channel-bits-events-v2”, I added the scope “bits:read” but get the auth error.

  2. I’m trying to use webhooks with the topic “…”, the auth is correct and the hook make a request GET to my callback and I send the “hub.challenge” value, but when change the title or game never call the POST of my callback. I’m trying when I not live, this is a problem?

Thank you!

You did generate a user access token and not an app access token?

Also you are trying to listen on channel-bits-events-v1.<channel ID> where <channel ID> is the channel ID of the user in the token?

The hook only fires when you are live or going live

It fires for stream up, stream down, and game/title changes whilst live

Thank for reply, so, I should test second problem when I’m live, regarding with the first error you are right, I generated the access token with an refresh token who no haven’t the right permises