Programmatically write a whisper to a person

is it possible to programmatically write a whisper to a person? I have a friend’s nickname, and I want to write to him. searched all day for working code - found nothing (

Essentially no,

The whispers product is not designed to be automated.

can only chat via IRC?

Chat is via IRC/IRC over sockets.

But any attempt by “a bot” to whisper will likely result in failiure.
It’s not designed to be automated/triggered by a bot.

But for completeness

PRIVMSG #channel :.w target message

is the syntax, but you’ll usually find it will fail/be unpredictable in it’s delivery success. (It’s a common issue on the forums/discord and there is no fix)

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sorry for such questions … but I do not fully understand( here they showed me the code (, it works fine in the stream chat, but when I send whisper I get an error “your settings prevent you from sending this whisper”. can I do something with this?

Answers your question

Whispers are not desigend to be automated or used by bots or third party chat clients

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