PSA: Chat servers are going to migrate to AWS EC2 servers

I still need to investigate further. But if I don’t see it reoccur, I’m just gonna chalk it down to "you guys were fiddling with the configs and things just derped*

I suspect having both enabled is going to come back and bite someone, somewhere, sometime in the future. It might be wiser to commit to just one or the other as the ‘official’ irc, and the other is just quietly there in the event it’s ever needed.

Yes – definitely use one of the two and not both :smile:

I mean from twitch perspective, officially only use (x) or (y) :stuck_out_tongue:
Using both from a bot developer perspective is obviously bad.

I didn’t receive the SERVERCHANGE messages for most of my joined channels today, which caused some downtime. Should I have been expecting the lack of said message when the rest of the channels get switched over?

I connect to on port 443 and I get the following response, but I am unable to send or receive whispers. Apparently I cannot connect at all using port 6667.

[4:22:28 PM] Raw Whisper: 001 blubott :Welcome, GLHF!
[4:22:28 PM] Raw Whisper: 002 blubott :Your host is
[4:22:28 PM] Raw Whisper: 003 blubott :This server is rather new
[4:22:28 PM] Raw Whisper: 004 blubott :-
[4:22:28 PM] Raw Whisper: 375 blubott :-
[4:22:28 PM] Raw Whisper: 372 blubott :You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.
[4:22:28 PM] Raw Whisper: 376 blubott :>
[4:22:28 PM] Raw Whisper: CAP * ACK

Previously I would connect to one of the following IP on port 6667, it was hit or miss if it would connect but when it did the whispers worked fine. Now I can still connect but again, no whispers to or from…

Yes I already submitted my bot’s name to this thread a week ago.

Whispers now seem to send via POST request over the API, at least in the browser, not sure if it’s always been that way, also just made a new thread about it. Receiving still seems to work with group chat though.

Thanks for the SERVERCHANGE by the way. I didn’t implement it at first for Moobot, expecting the users to click a rejoin-button and have it detect if it should switch, but of course it turned out that less than 1% would actually manage to do that. Thanks to the automatic switch with SERVERCHANGE there was minimal downtime during this dual-cluster experiment.

We’re looking into some issues affecting group chat and whispers sent from the chat window (with /w). Stay tuned for updates.

Edit: This should now be resolved.

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Will the server start sending a certificate that’s valid for as well? It’s sending a certificate for * when connecting to 6697

Are you going to fix the messages showing up twice or is it no longer possible to connect to old and aws at the same time?

old is currently redirecting to the new.

Why would you suggest connecting to both to have a smooth transfer and then redirect the old to new and basically ruin your own suggestion? lol

I hope you guys change that, so many people are already abusing that and bypass slow mode and the message limits. Kappa //

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There’s no simple way to do this, since the cert for * can’t be used for * (and vice versa). Please use for SSL connections.

If they forwarded to that typically won’t forward the ssl token chain, which is why you would be better off connecting to instead of irc.twitch – it’s one of the reasons I was talking about having an ‘official’ connection to use.

So will you guys stop the redirecting from old to new? will continue pointing to, as we are shutting down the old servers in the near future. We’re working on a different solution for bots sending messages to multiple clusters.

In the meantime, feel free to remove main and event chat from your code. There are no channels left on these clusters.


Alright that works, thanks.

Group chats have been down completely for the past few hours.