Rate Limit Bucket - App vs. User Access Token

So I understand that there’s a bucket for App Access Tokens (AAT) and User Access Tokens (UAT) per:
Twitch API Rate Limits

Your app is given a bucket for app access requests and a bucket for user access requests. For requests that specify a user access token, the limits are applied per client ID per user per minute.

Does this separate bucket apply to API endpoints that only need an AAT and you provide it with a UAT?

GET https://api.twitch.tv/helix/clips

If I provide a UAT, does it get its own bucket despite this endpoint only needing an App Access Token or does it charge my App bucket?

What I’m trying to confirm is whether or not my scaling concerns for App Access Token Twitch endpoints are resolved by UATs.

TL;DR yes.

Think of an app access token as a user token without a user. So it gets it’s own 800 bucket. Then each user gets an 800 bucket. There are some endpoints that are ONLY app access token accessible. But you shouldn’t need to be scaling for those few endpoints. And some endpoints have their own rate limits outside the 800 bucket that’s smaller only for that one. But in general you should be fine if you use user tokens when needed/ you can use them.

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