Reconnecting chat issues (A new one)

I searched through the forums and found a Closed thread about this because people were insulting one another apparently but this is still a long standing running issue with me and Twitch Support has never helped me over 2 years with this issue and keeps giving me the runaround.

As was stated in the other thread at random times and for no real reason (especially in smaller streams) I will appear “Connected” to chat but I have to constantly type in a . (period) and at random times it will Reconnect me to chat.

I went through the usual routine of clearing my cache multiple times, different browsers, Twitch App etc. and eventually got around to running tracert and I think I’ve narrowed down the problem but whereas the other thread kept pushing the blame to the persons ISP … this is actually on Twitch’s end.

I contacted my ISP and asked them and showed them my tracert layout and how it would intermittently hang at the hop before it got to Twitch. My ISP informed me that I would have to contact either Twitch or Fastly. Since it was on their end I went to Fastly, talked to their tech support and showed them my logs of tracert and they sent me over to Twitch Support to rectify the problem.

Twitch Support… I sent them all the information but apparently they only have robots working over there and are more worried about something else than actually helping their viewerbase because after 2 years of runaround on this … still nothing. I’ve messaged multime times and it always ends up being an automated message, I get a real person after 2-3 months who says “Hey, did you turn the power on and off” dumb comment… I reply back with exactly what the issue is and 3-4 months later I get someone saying “Hey, sorry for no one responding to you… do you still need help?”

My ISP has told me to contact Twitch 3 times now… tech support has told me to contact Twitch 3 times now and Twitch Support apparently is doing nothing for me so this is my last option.

To reiterate it before someone smartly thinks they’re cool and says “It’s your ISP…” They have told me 3 times this is on Twitch and 3 times by Fastly this is on Twitch.

So hopefully I can get some help or some direction from this… :slight_smile:

This forum cannot help with this issue,

This forum is for third party developer support on the API’s

You have a first party or ISP issue, so I have to send you back to Twitch Support.

We cannot help you

Ok, thanks Barry. :slight_smile: I appreciate you getting back to me…

And I’m not even gonna try again, Twitch Support is hands down the worst technical support format I’ve seen in my entire 50+ years of life. :frowning:

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