Registering Company cannot go trough

We wanted to register our company and filled everything out what needed. Also proved that we are not a robot and pushed Submit but it seems like it does not get through! Anything that we are missing or we can do to solve the issue? Thank you in advance!

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Do you know for sure that its not going through?

If its only speculation, then maybe wait and see if you get a response.
After a while, if you dont receive a response then maybe try and submit it again but on a different device / browser in case that was the problem.

If you do know for sure that its not going through then id try and submit it on a different device or browser and see if that fixes it. If that does not fix it then check to see if you have missed any information and make sure you complete the anti-robot check.


The issue is likely recaptcha being dumb again, that was the issue last time someone reported a problem.

Recaptcha just wasn’t working right on the page and preventing the submission and the problem was google’s side

If you’re seeing issues with this still, can you take a screenshot of your browser’s console to see if there are any errors after hitting “Submit”?

Hi everyone :slight_smile: Thank you for your help. I managed to send the application through my mobile phone. It seems like on my PC (I used Google Chrome) there is a problem with the recaptcha as I could see an error message and nothing happened. Unfortunately, the error is just there for a second so I could not take a screenshot :confused:

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