Rejections due to loading Google analytics


Have you had rejections due to loading google analytics on your extension ?

I have been developping an extension for the past year and a half and every time I send a new version for review I get a rejection with the following motif

2.8: Your Extension is attempting to load external files, either from a CDN or other private server, and this will cause your Extension to not function in production. Please make sure that the following files are included in your uploaded zip file:

Of course this is allowed as per the doc, and each time I reached out to the team and they understand this is a mistake and ask for a new version to be submitted, this has prolonged my submission round trips to 1-2 weeks over the last year.

I have included in my review messages an explanation of the reason for loading analytics and the link to the doc, with a quote of the code that loads the file, but I keep getting a rejection at first.

I would like to know if other developers have experienced similar difficulties and if they found ways to solve this.

Thanks for your input

Sounds like you might not be following this guide on how to use analytics in extensions

I’ve not have an issue since I follow this guide. Granted, however, I have not submitted an extension recently (or an update) that used GA

Complain about it each time is the only thing to do sadly.

I do, I link to this very guide in my submission message explaining that we followed theses steps.