RFC 0010 - Extension Management Improvements



Starting late January and into early February, we’ll be rolling out a new Extension management experience on the Twitch Developer Dashboard. Twitch Extension management will be migrated to our React-based front-end framework – the same one that powers Twitch.tv and other experiences on the Dashboard today. We’re also making a few improvements to Extension management, that will roll out with the migration and continue throughout early 2019:

  • Lower latency: Build faster with low wait times on page loads.

  • Version cloning: Clone previous versions of your Extensions with one click, allowing you to rapidly create development branches that you can test simultaneously before selecting a release candidate.

  • Add whitelist users by Twitch ID: When testing your Extension, you can search for whitelist users by Twitch ID, making it easy to collaborate with others as you take your Extension to market.

  • Easy secret management: Find Twitch API and Extension credentials in one place, so it is easy to get every critical variable you need to continue development.

  • UX improvements: Our refreshed design organizes information closer to how Extensions operate on Twitch. We’ve also provided more areas to guide you during Extension creation.

Detailed Design (WIP)

The Extension console now better reflects the development lifecycle, consolidating version management details as the primary hub for where you will do your work.

Get Extension credentials needed for development on a single screen.

Rollout Considerations

What will happen to my Extensions that I am currently working on?

All of your Extensions will be carried over to the new experience, and there will be no changes made to Extensions in any state.

What should I do to prepare for the new experience?

When we get closer to the rollout date, we’ll email all current Extension developers about the brief migration window, scheduled to occur in Late January / Early February (a firm date will be provided soon). You will be required to submit any Extensions required for review before the migration window. During the window, we will limit any Extension changes, to ensure a safe and secure data migration. As always, be sure to save your assets locally so you do not lose any Extension data.

Where can I update my screenshots that show up on the Extensions directory?

We plan to consolidate all “discovery” related items under a single tab in the experience. Our experience will match the model our system keeps for every Extension – all details are version specific.

How can I use the Twitch Developer Rig with this new experience?

You will still be able to start projects and manage them in the Rig, but it will be easier to find all the information you need to get started – your client ID and version number will be available in at the top of the screen, and Extension secrets available in a single location. This migration will help us provide more support for Extension lifecycle management in the Rig, including the creation of projects (manifests) and delivery to our CDN.

Will there be any changes to the Extension management experience that would be a regression in functionality?

No. Everything you can do with Extensions today will carry over. We do not anticipate any deprecation of features with this update.