Rooms are Closing, how it affects the API and IRC


As you may have seen on or the Rooms help article, Rooms is shutting down today (October 30, 2019). The developer services that provide access to this feature will therefore no longer be available. Please review the information below related to this change. Feel free to respond with questions.

What’s changing?

As early as January 6, 2020, the following two changes will take affect:

  1. The v5 API endpoint to get chat rooms by channel (/kraken/chat/<channel ID>/rooms) will return a 200 HTTP response code and a response payload indicating 0 rooms and an empty array.
  2. Attempting to JOIN or use other IRC commands in a Room (that would normally be returned by the end point in point 1) will not succeed. This unsuccessful response will be the same as trying to join a Room that does not exist.

Who will be impacted by these changes?

Any third party that uses the v5 Rooms endpoint or related IRC commands will be impacted. However, the changes have been designed to minimize breaking changes for developers.

Why are we making these changes?

Based-off feedback and the level of usage, we believe there are better ways to support communities of streamers and fans. We’re continuing to invest in features like Channel Points and Polls as new ways for people to connect.

When do these changes take effect?

Documentation for Rooms will be removed soon after this announcement and the two changes mentioned above will go into effect as early as January 6, 2020.


in Change 2,
does it mean IRC channel what we see in web browser? not irc joined by socket connection? (port 6667, ect)


IRC = Twitch Chat loosley speaking

Whether that is via the “standard” IRC ports or the Websocket ports.

Twitch Chat is TMI = Twitch Messaging Interface. Which is available on IRC ports and Websocket ports.

There is no “difference” based on what port you use to join Twitch Chat.


So, connecting chat channel by PASS, NICK , JOIN, sending pong is going to be removed?



This refers specifically to commands relating to joining “Chat Rooms” and commands used in those rooms, the feature that is being removed. Not to main channel chats.


Thanks! I was confused about this quote :


Thanks for the feedback @ccppoo. And thanks for adding the clarification, @BarryCarlyon.