Running similar bots with different accounts

A few days ago I had a similar issue when I had tried running two different bots with different accounts but now Im basically going for two similar ones. Back then I got told that this issue belongs to the twitchio module.
Now I setup two similar bots with each having a different token and account name but Im running them in the same chat. The bots both connect to the chat but only the one Im running first is actually executing the things I want. On top of that Im running them on two different devices so whats the problem?

Sounds like something you have borked up somewhere.

I have bots that use the same code base on the server server and are just fed a different set of keys and work just fine

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So these are the things important for the connection I guess…
How does this prevent them from writing while both are running?

No idea. Since you already said they are on different machines. So them being on separate physical machine, you just shouldn’t have the issue that you are having

Im no expert… but the port doesnt make a difference right? It doesnt matter if they use the same in the same channel or does it?

No it doesn’t matter.

Since Twitch doesn’t know that bot a on server a using port a, and bot b on server b using port a, are owned by the same person. It doesn’t check like that.

If both bots are connecting and reading from the chat.

But only one is replying, check the RAW message log on the one that isn’t to check it’s working and not banned/timed out from the chat or something

mhhh I can say that its not banned or anything like that. On top of that they run the same code and if I execute the other first it runs properly but then the first one doesnt write in chat. Because the main action for the bot is writing I think there is something going on with the actual message limit per 30 seconds that is somehow making this setup not work

A non mod user cannot repeat the same message in the same 30 seconds.

But both bots can say the same message in the same 30 seconds gap.

If you got a 30 second warning you’d get a NOTICE to that effect

Yeah I get that. But something gives me the feeling that there is something preventing the bots from writing that I cannot do anything against. Its the exact same code, other connections with other accounts, different devices and also switching the bots by connecting one first, then on the next try the other first, only the bot started first is working as I already said.

Then I’m out of ideas.

As I can do what you describe without issue here.

So, you should check and confirm the raw responses

What do you mean with that?

You might have code that is only logging PRIVMSG and you are not logging everything that is sent to your IRC parsing logic.

That’s referred to as the “raw messages” everything, before it’s submitted to your parser

Oh yeah… I now combined all different code parts into one and now everything works? Didn’t change anything… weird