Squad Up Everyone -- Organizations are now GA!


You can now build Extensions with other Twitch Developers by creating an Organization . Organizations allow you and other Twitch developers to squad up and create, manage, and ship Extensions.

With organizations, you can:

  • Create, manage and ship Extensions as a team of 1-100s of people.
  • Invite any Twitch Developer to an organization with their Twitch Account (you can only be a part of one organization at a time).
  • If you are a game developer, claim ownership of games to manage their box art, view analytics and more. You can also start drop campaigns .

To get started, click the create organization button at the top of your console’s navigation bar. Once your organization is approved, you can invite anyone with a Twitch account as the owner. Set admins to also be able to add users.

If you are already in a company, you will be migrated to the organization product as well – no action is needed!

Already have an Extension under a different account?: Invite this account to your organization (or create an organization with that account as the owner), and our team can help transfer Extensions. Please email developers@twitch.tv for further support. If your Extension is monetized, we recommend having the previous Twitch account join the org as a billing manager. We can assign Extensions to that billing manager to ensure payouts are not disrupted.

Thanks and happy building!



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