Stream Overlay On Twitch Mobile App

Hello. My apologies if this is not the proper place to ask this. However, I have not been able to find the exact answer to my issue so I am hoping you can help. My son is a new streamer and I am trying to help him with his stream. He wants his viewers who watch from the Twitch Mobile app to be able to see his stream overlay when they watch on their phone. Is this possible or is a software like Streamlabs OBS needed for this specific issue? I have already downloaded the Overlay Expert extension on Twitch and anyone watching from a PC can see the overlay but not mobile users. I attempted to find the answer at forums for OBS and Stream Elements but haven’t had success. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Extensions only show as a “panel” on mobile.

there is a Uservoice about this feature

For it to show in “video” you need to use a browser source from an Overlay Provider not an Extension, which can be added to a scene in your streaming software

Thank you for the fast response Barry! Sorry but I am by no means a tech savvy dad. So, what you are saying is I would need to have a software that makes a scene or window that is capturing the stream as it is happening on the PC screen and then it will be able to be seen by Twitch Mobile users. Correct?

basically yeah

these source take the form of a webpage, and is added to OBS just like you would webcam capture or game capture.
And services such as Stream Elements and Stream Labs provide these alert systems

you may be able to get better advice on getting started with these things on the Twitch Reddit rather than the third party developers support forum

Thank you very much Barry! You are awesome and I appreciate your info so I can help my son with this. Thanks again.

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