Streaming from multiple locations

Hi there!

I am sorry but could not really find help for starters here or elsewhere on google…

I want to coordinate a live stream that involved different locations. We are basically setting up an online festival and will have several artists playing, while this stream is hosted by one person that should introduce every artist before and after each show or slot.

Let’s say we will be having 5 bands play and one person hosting, the aim would be to have:

The Host: Starting the stream, introducing it and the first artist

Artist 1: Taking over the screen totally (without host beeing seen) for the duration of their show

The Host: Taking over again, thanking Artist 1 and introducing Artist 2 and so on…

I am using OBS with Twitch and had a quick intro into the basic settings that I think I can handle but this somehow seems a bit too much for my basic knowledge so far, I am sorry!

Would really appreciate the help!

Sorta outside the realms of this forum

And it’s not an extensions thing (thats the category you have posted to)

You need away for people to stream to you, then you load up the other people’s sources in OBS and scene switch as needed. Stuff like Skype, Zoom, VMIX, google hangouts are a few methods for people to broadcast video to you to use.


thanks a lot! I did also not find a more suitable forum then this tbh.

Thanks for the input, that makes sense!

Will try it out, thanks a lot and have a nice week!