Sub Bombs Algorithm? (curiousity)


Just curious if the sub bombs are completely random? Or if not, how do they decide who gets the gift. I’m asking for a friend who wants more free butt emotes.


How are gift recipients chosen when I Gift to the Community?

We use an algorithm to help us select gift recipients starting with eligible viewers in chat, then followers, mods, and other factors that identify members of a community. Our algorithm also avoids giving trolls subs and we are constantly improving our algorithm to detect this behavior.`


Unless you are talking about another “sub bomb”…


so, seems like to me that I am no longer considered an “eligible viewer in chat”

any idea why that might be?


Have you previously been awarded a gift sub in a channel? If so that’s one factor that seems to determine eligibility.

I’ve also seen some data to suggest activity plays a part, to actively try to prevent users who just join all channels hoping for free emotes, but the sample size is too small to say that with any certainty.

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