Subgift Event Error

Hello, I want to print the username of the user who received the subscription gift at the subscription gift event. But I was not successful. (The username and channel name that gifted the subscription work fine. I cannot access the gifted username of the subscription)
Response Log
Gifter: testuser23424
Channel: bla bla bla
Recipient: undefined,undefined

Whats client in your code?

Sounds like you are using a library but you’ve not said what library you are using.

Oh, sorry. I’m using tmi.js

The documentation for TMI.js is at

Which should help

Yes, I have reviewed the document. However, my parameters look correct but the result is returned undefined.

console log out the entirety of userstate and follow it back

I don’t use TMI.js so I don’t have the problem you describe

And I’m assuming TMI.js already requested the CAP’s needed for the data you are trying to read

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