/subscriptions find non gifted subs

Hi, how can I find ppl that a sub to me and not just sub with a gifted sub?
I tried to use /subscriptions and that gives me all my subs.
A person can not get gifted if they have a sub.
But when a person sub and already have gifted sub it still shows up as is_gift: true

        broadcaster_id: '78916449',
        broadcaster_name: 'sweLogan',
        gifter_id: '12312123',
        gifter_name: 'hahaha',
        is_gift: true,
        plan_name: 'Channel Subscription (swelogan)',
        tier: '1000',
        user_id: '1234567',
        user_name: 'testAccount'

So you mean they “extended” or chose “to continue” their sub?

Then the sub will show as a gift until the gift period has ended

Will I get that information if I use webhooks?

Webhooks would broadcast the update when the sub changes state

But wouldn’t broadcast the “extend/continue” payment at occurance

User1 have no sub
User2 gift User1 T1 => webhook trigger
User1 sub to T1 the day after he got his gifted sub => webhook trigger
User1 continue to sub => NO webhook trigger
User1 ends sub => webhook trigger

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