Subscriptions Webhooks Topic


Late last year, we added an endpoint to the Helix namespace to retrieve subscriptions:

While polling the API is often a reasonable approach, we knew that a discrete Webhooks topic was needed. We’re happy to announce the release of the GET helix/subscriptions/events endpoint which in turn powers the ability to receive subscription events via Webhooks.

The endpoint allows you to retrieve all subscription events for the past five days. You can also filter it by a specific subscription event ID or a subscriber user ID.

After subscribing to the Webhooks topic, you’re immediately notified when:

  • Viewer’s payment has been processed and their subscription officially starts.
  • Viewer’s subscriptions ends.
  • Viewer shares their subscription status with the streamer in chat.

To get started


Are there any plans to add Gifter information, like User/Id, or Prime to the notification?

Webhooks are great for notifications, and a lot of streamers like to be able to thank the gifter in their stream notification popups.

Prime standing out is also nice because I provide statistics of sorts, and usually streamers find regular subscribers more reliable because they can sort of guess and assume that regular subscribers will roll over to the next month, while Prime subs don’t have any sort of auto-renewal, so those would drop off.

Otherwise this is an awesome change, Keep up the awesome work.