Syncing User Subscriptions


I need to update my company’s database with user subscription statuses. I came across this post where it describes fetching all the subscribers of a channel periodically and then updating the database with each subscriber.

Is that still the recommended approach? And is it possible to get all subscribers in one call or do you have to fetch 100 at a time as it mentions in the New Twitch API

Thanks in advance!


Both v5 and New API limit to 100 per page.

So yeah, you have to get it in pages or 100.

But more recently you can use webhooks, so fetch say once per week and then real time handle subs/unsubs using


Thanks Barry!

Just so I’m clear, when that webhook page states:

Blockquote This webhook notifies you when:

  • A payment has been processed for a subscription or unsubscription.

Can I assume that an unsubscription includes the user’s subscription expiring or their account being closed?

Also, are there any best practices or tips for how to efficiently test webhooks for subscription events? We currently have our primary twitch account and a developer account for testing purposes, but haven’t tested for subscription events so I’m curious what is a good approach for that.


Not likely for account closed no. But for expires yes.

If an account dies/closed then it can’t be reusued assumed you are tracking bu userID

The only way to test is to tie up to a real affilated/partnered account and/or just look at the example data in the docs.