The great big "I'm using WIX/SomeWebsiteMaking Tool and I don't know how to fix my embed" thread

there is no broken embed on this page

Thank you for the fast responds. It looks that is working now for sure… at 3am it was not working LOL but whats important is that it is working . :heart_eyes:

Now I’m trying to replicate the same code to my other page but is not working. DO have to add something to the code?

Thanks in advanced

Remove /team from your parents the parents need only specfy the domains

All working perfect. Thanks :heart_eyes:


I’ve been looking to embed my Twitch live stream on my Wix website.
I checked the special Embedding Twitch page and followed the steps but somehow my code shows a grey rectangle like this
Screenshot 2020-08-02 at 19.55.36

Here is the iframe I used

< iframe src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen=“true” scrolling=“no” height=“378” width=“620”>

Thanks for helping me out with this :slight_smile:

Please post the direct URL to the page with the broken embed on it. www. redirects to en.

This is Twitch Support not YouTube support. I/we have no idea whats up with a YouTube embed

That worked perfectly, thank you!

First… @BarryCarlyon I hope you are getting some sort of Internet Nobel Peace Prize for all this help…

Second, I tried so damn hard to get this to work, but I guess this is why I have a WIX site in the first place, I’m an idiot. I’ll accept that, I can live with it, let’s move on.

This is my page…

I’ve tried using the shorthand code you’ve been posting in response to people’s links, and the full/longer iframe embed code while attempting multiple combinations of what I’ve seen other people use for their parent combos, including the one I found with inspect of the iframe on my page, which only shows this one:, I tried that alone and tried it with similar combos others have done. Please take a look and help, I’m a hot mess.

iframe… more like a y-is-this-so-hard-to-do-frame, amiright guys

currently you just have a URL in the body. No iframe.

Try this

<iframe src=";;"></iframe>

you’ll need to change height and width to meet your needs

Thanks Barry, you got me to the point where I almost don’t want to quit… I’m trying to add w x h as shown in some of the examples in this thread… can’t get it to work


 <iframe src=";;" frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen=“true” scrolling=“no” height=“100%” width=“100%”></iframe>

also tried as pixels height=“477” width=“848”

no bueno



I’m trying to embed my stream on my website using the IFrame however, I am getting an error “This Embed is misconfigured” My webesite is hosted by Wix and I’ve tried variants of the parent to include their domain too but without success. Would someone be able to take a look at the code I’m using (see below) and point me in the right direction?

Please provide a link to the page with the broken embed

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<iframe src="" frameborder="“0”" allowfullscreen="“true”" scrolling="“no”" height="420" width="840"></iframe>

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As requested :slight_smile:

No we need the actual page URL.

Not a copy of inspector. I need to visit your website to fix the problem

Apologies, my mistake

The url for your iframe is

Fix confirmation: