The great big "I'm using WIX/SomeWebsiteMaking Tool and I don't know how to fix my embed" thread

Im trying to make a site on wix and just test a twitch stream before i put in the one i want.

What is it i’m doing wrong?

The Website:
Twitch: any for now just as a test

There is no visible embed on this page in order for me to provide the fix.
Also not that if/when I can provide a fix, the embed will not work in the preview tool only on the end/final website.
The embed should be on this page.

So it will only be work once the page is published?

The URL on this page is correct but the HTML in invalid, there was no " on the end of the URL so the frameborder attribute was being appended

Yeah the preview tool adds who knows what and breaks things

I adjusted the HTML in my inspector to fix the syntax error and it’s working

So i’ve added the " on the end of the URL and now this? Is there something im doing wrong?

Or will this fix solve that issue and it should work on the live site now?

like I said it will not work in the preview tool.
Please save and observe it on the live site.


Wow Barry, this thread is amazing commitment!

Does the site have to be published for this fix to work?

I have not published yet, but trying to use this?

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no" height="378" width="620"></iframe>

No idea.

That seems to be the case for you since I cannot access the domain

Your parent stack is incomplete for a wix site (there no file-usr reference) and you declared the same parent twice

Thanks Barry. Live now, still seeing no load after changing up the coding as you suggested. Any ideas? See broadcast tab.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no" height="378" width="620"></iframe>

The correct URL to use for this website is

Thanks so much! Working!

Hi there,

Been attempting to input my livestream into my website, but for some reason it will not recognize when I post and save the script. Here’s where I’m attempting to post to:

iframe src=“Twitch” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen=“true” scrolling=“no” height=“378” width=“620”>

Here is what I’m attempting to place on my website. Am I posting this correctly? Also to note, I’m operating a site designed through wordpress. And I also tried with html, it works on the preview but not when I save the actual change.

Link to broken page please

As you can see in the left it shows my channel on the preview but on the actual site it doesn’t work

There is no embed on this page for me to investigate and debug. If you didn’t save it I can’t trace and debug.

Often “preview” tools don’t work so you have to save the page and view the live page. Which is how I debug and get the right links for people

Ok i saved it now

Nothing new shows for me so I can’t debug. It jsut appeared having a look

Your top widget, no HTML appears.
Something stripped it out.

Is this a blog? iirc those block some iframes from being used.

Your second widget


It’s not processing/displaying properly as HTML.

You have a Wordpress issue not a Twitch issue.

The correct parent for this site is but I would spefify two parents one of and


Yes it is a wordpress blog, i tried uploading the code you sent me but it’s not working; as always it shows on the preview but not on the site.