This embed is misconfigured after change parent part it gives player.twitch error

So I tried to many times but still not working.

  <script type="text/javascript">
  var options = {
  width: 900,
  height: 500,
  channel: "fleatra",
  parent: ["example"]
    var player = new Twitch.Player("120", options);
(I typed example because I don't want to share my own domain address)

But It doesn’t works


Can’t debug the issue without seeing the actual domain and/or the actual page that your code is on.

You redacted the key piece of information we need.

Best idea is to post the URL to the broken page

Your code looks correct.

And your website is served over SSL.

So, next step is please link to a page that shows it broken.

image refused to connect.

I need the page on that is broken.

Not a screenshot of it, I needto inspect the console and have a poke about

the website is not force served over SSL. SSL is required

So over SSL

and non ssl

So you need for force SSL on

How can I force this

Some javascript could do it.
The preferred method is to change your hosting configration, either via NGINX/Apache config changes, .htaccess changes for apache only, or whatever is supported by your hosting provider

Okay, i got it thank you <3

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