Thumbnail access rate limit?

I was wondering if accessing the thumbnails URLs (as given by the get streams endpoint, for example) is subject to a particular rate limit or should I just use a similar limit as the rest of the API?

There is no documented rate limit for loading image assets from the Twitch CDN that I am aware of.

Thanks for your answer! Do you have any particular rule of thumb that I should follow?

Well if you are display the image to your website user(s), theres not much you can do. Since you’ll operate identically to how the follow or channel pages work on the website. So you can’t exactly put a rate limiter in place and caching them on your own website, is generally, counter productive.

people if showing a users avatar, will often cache the user object and load the user object and show the iamge from that object for 24 hours (not the image but the URL to the image). But for a stream, the thumbnail_url doesn’t (usually) change for a stream. So your will also have browser caching.

You’ll only need to “defeat” caching when showing the image in other programs such as Discord. Otherwise, just use the TwitchCDN.

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