Total videos for a channel? Missing with Helix?

TLDR: How do I get the total number of videos for a specific channel?

I previously accomplished this with:
The first key was "_total", and was the total number of videos on a channel.

This is now not available in Helix as far as I understand.
Helix Get Videos

Is there a way to accomplish this, other than counting the number of videos (limit 100), and using pagination iterating over every 100 videos on every channel?

I run the ZACollective. A site similar to SocialBlade, for South Africans. I would like to include the total number of videos for each channel, but I think I’ll have to remove this functionality for now assuming this isn’t possible without thousands of extra API calls.

Image of the website, with multiple API calls needed, instead of just 1 each.

Sounds like you need a uservoice

To request the addition of a “total field”.

I suppose… But this WAS a feature and the ONLY reason I couldn’t switch to Helix. Oh well.

If you were aware of the fact that helix didn’t have it then a uservoice could of been put in way sooner (back when the death date for kraken was announced). We are in full “closing the gate after the horse has bolted” now.

A solution might be to store the VideoID references in your database, and then jsut add new videos as they appear.

Sure this doesn’t account for deletions.


Talks about the retention of VOD’s, which, ignoring Grandfathered parters or other special agreements, is a maximum of 60 days. So if a streamer streams twice a day they are at most going to have 120 Vidoes on the service. Assuming they don’t make any highlights, and then videos will auto delete from Twitch.

Then everything else is going to be highlights. So is a raw video count actually worth retaining?

So “videos” isn’t as useful as differentiating between VOD"s, highlights and clips. A raw total is not as useful to end users as I thinkit could be in my opinion.

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Thanks, that’s insightful.
I’ll look into changing it up. With a new limit, another call shouldn’t be too much.

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