Trying to catch rerun status

HI there,

As i understand, it is no easy solution for getting rerun status of online stream.
I think, I’m found something =)

For getting status rerun, I’m making two different GET requests.

  1. GET<user_id>
    if response is undefined then make second request
  2. GET<name_user_id>
    filter response array by <user_id> and get status “is_live”: true
    So, if 1 request undefined and second request is_live: true then we have rerun status.

What you think about it? Is is working for you?

Yep. I’m found it when searching for solution. But did you try my solution as I’m described in first post? For me it’s working.

No since I don’t know of anyone doing rerun’s. We stopped due to poor support for them on Twitch and situations changed.

And if the stream shows in search, how do you know it’s a rerun? Just becuase it doesn’t show on /streams/ doesn’t mean it’s a rerun. So you are making an assumption which might not be reliable. Since there are other things that might make a channel show as live in search but not show as live on streams.

ReRuns need to be treated like a “regular” stream and surfaced as needed to the right endpoints.

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