Trying to make a request with Twich API


I’ve just created a developer account and I’m trying to make automatic searches in a page coded in javascript. :

  type: 'GET', 
  url: '',
  headers: {'Client-ID': 'xxx'},
  success: function(json) {

I don’t have answer from twitch server, and it seems that my api ( channel doesn’t exist . Did I miss something in my registration ? Or did I make a mistake in the code ?
There is no error message, I cannot just reach the api server …
thank you for your help :slight_smile:

“My API” not sure what you mean by “my API”

This is the wrong URL

Channel Search is at


You also omitted an Authorisation token, all of Helix requires an oAuth token to be specified, and you only included a client-id header

If you want to find music streams

You want the music GameID which is 26936
And then call get streams with that game_id which is

See also

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